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Guiding Principles of the Classik Hotel Collection

Berlin - Cologne - Munich - Magdeburg

Classik Hotel Collection – Guiding Principles

We are the CLASSIK HOTEL COLLECTION, an owner-managed family company headquartered in Berlin, which operates a number of hotels and office spaces.

Berlin. Cologne. Magdeburg. Munich.

Our brand stands for quality, authenticity and reliability.
People are the focus of everything we do. We value each individual, whether a guest or an employee.

That allows us to create sanctuaries for people with shared values.

We are passionate hosts, and aim to offer personal service in a warm and friendly atmosphere.
Responsible use of natural resources is an absolute priority and we use carefully selected products with appropriate certifications.

We know that details make a big difference. That is why we take time for personal moments, to create an exceptional experience.

We, at CHC, live our values!




We value the regional character of our locations.
We aim to be multifaceted.
We see art and design as an expression of our corporate culture.


We have our finger on the pulse and move with the times.
We live a culture of open feedback and communication.


We are committed to economic, ecological and social responsibility.
We recognise strengths, develop talent and grow together.
We are a mutually supportive team.