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and how we achieve it
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Logo Classik Hotel Collection
Logo Classik Hotel Collection
Logo Classik Hotel Collection
Logo Classik Hotel Collection
Logo Classik Hotel Collection

Classik Hotel Collection X GreenSign

A Meaningful Partnership

Hotels certified by➛ GreenSign stand for sustainable management and meet strict criteria relating to their environmental approach, social engagement and economic performance. The certification system has seven core areas for sustainable business, including management and communication, environment (energy, water and refuse), purchasing, regional focus, quality management and sustainable development, social responsibility, and economic responsibility. Its certifications go from level 1, which recognises initial steps towards a sustainable concept, to level 5, its highest rating.

I want to ensure that our hotels take a responsible approach, and that we help keep the world a beautiful place for our children. That’s why our values are: individual, innovative, sustainable.

Paul Dreykluft

Managing Director, Classik Hotel Collection

Certification of the Classik Hotel Collection

We are in the process of achieving certification for all our hotels. The Classik Hotel Alexander Plaza and the Classik Hotel Hackescher Markt in Berlin have already been certified:

Classik Hotel Alexander Plaza
Green Sign Katalog
Classik Hotel Hackescher Markt
Green Sign Katalog
Classik Hotel Martinshof
Classik Hotel Martinshof Nachhaltigkeit
Classik Hotel Magdeburg
Green Sign Katalog

Sustainable travel and climate-neutral accommodation

The responsible, considerate use of natural resources is an important goal of the Classik Hotel Collection. We work hard to reduce our impact on the environment and climate wherever we can. To achieve that, we are constantly improving our energy efficiency and environmental performance, and our hotels are certified according to the GreenSign standard. We take our social responsibilities seriously – for us, for you, for our environment.

Purchasing and quality control

Our hotels are subject to ethical guidelines including clear requirements for a responsible approach to people, animals and the environment. We believe the importance of human rights, fair working conditions and environmental protection is self evident. We work with local firms and suppliers, and conduct regular internal quality checks to guarantee a clean and safe environment for the preparation and provision of food and drinks at our hotels. Our purchasing policies focus on selecting local, seasonal, organic ingredients and products. That ensures the greatest possible use of fresh, chemical-free fruit and vegetables in our hotels’ culinary offerings.


Our four hotels are focused on the sparing and ecologically sustainable use of electricity. That is why we use green power, and invest in energy saving LED lighting and flat-screen TVs to reduce power consumption.


We pay the cost of public transport for our employees, so they do not need to use a car. Guests can rent bicycles at a number of our hotels, allowing them to explore the surroundings flexibly and without emissions. We also promote the use of eMobility by offering guests at our hotels free access to charging stations for electric vehicles.

The Classik Hotel Collection stands for an effective sustainability concept.